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NormaBase Plus

Registered users of NormaBase Plus can get the newest version (without the database). Program needs HASP key to work. During installation you should use the same registration key as for the previous version.
Program requires Windows 2000/XP or later.

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NormaBase Plus ver 3.2.0 (Build 5113) [35.2 MB]

You can get the newest version of Manual in PDF file format here.(Serbian language)

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NormaBase Plus - Manual [8.0 MB] (27.04.2006)

Lessons & Tutorials DOWNLOAD

All lessons and tutorials (movies) presented at 'Online lessons & tutorials' page are available for download, allowing you to watch them directly from your computer.

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NormaBase Plus Lessons & Tutorials [19.7 MB]

You can download the backup file of complete database. Using the "Restore" command You can import this database into the program.

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NormaBase.bkp [4.8 MB]

This is the link to the NetHASP Licence Manager, version 8.31. To perform installation, unzip the archive and execute 'lmsetup.exe'

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NetHASP Licence Manager (V8.31) [16.1 MB]

Some users may experience certain problems during installation of our programs. To resolve this problems they should install HASP drivers manually.
This is the link to HASP driver instalation utility To preform driver installation, unzip the archive, and execute 'HASPUserSetup.exe'.

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Sentinel HASP Driver Installation [14.2 MB]

Older generation of HASP drivers used by our older generation programs (Tower 3, Tower 4, Planet and Panel Pro) could be downloaded from here.

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HASP 4 driver ([5 MB]